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Revelation (Vol 3 of the Gifts: Trilogy) ePub

Book 3 of The Gifts: Trilogy- Revelation In time all things will be revealed.... Six gifts found, three still remain a mystery, but with their upcoming plans to seek out Dr. Johnathan Miller in Japan, this new family may find that the answer to the biggest secret of all was right in front of them from the start. Levi's not the only one that's hiding something. Rilyn's strange dreams are becoming more repetitious by the day, and the story they tell, could end up ripping them all apart before the last three gifts are even found. "A child cannot be born of the gifts." The rule was clear, but with the Gift of Wisdom comes power, Faith, and Hope. Project X is what Miller called them, but to Nahla they were already more than that. It was all starting to make sense, but was it worth risking her life for? With their new found friend Danny, and Miller's research as their guiding source, Gideon was now on a race to save the one he loved the most, but only with the death of the one true seeker, would the curse be broken.
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