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SF Waxes Philosophical ePub

SF Waxes Philosophical ePub ebook download
A collection of 14 short stories, slightly over half of them original to this volume, whose unifying characteristic is the application of science-fictional techniques to philosophical concerns. Also features explanatory notes which deal with the origins, the history, and/or the implications of the philosophical principles that are explored in the stories.

Michael Bishop: Diary of a Dead Man
Douglas van Belle: The Squirrel That Didn't Bark
Paul Carlson: Waveform
Sean Foster: Different and Again Different
Ren Holton: Lords of Light
Matt Hughes: Liw Osfeo and the Worm
Luke Jackson: The Saving Power
Ahmed A. Khan: The Shores of Id
Ted Kosmatka: The God Engine
Marian Powell: Categorical Imperative
Ian Shoebridge: The Day the World Lost Gravity
Steven Utley: Chaos and the Gods
Jetse de Vries: The Third Scholar
Casey Wolf: These Old Bones
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