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Stand By Your Hitman (Bombay Assassins, #3) ePub

Stand By Your Hitman (Bombay Assassins, #3) ePub ebook download
Reviewed for queuemyreview.com; book release Sep08

How can you pass up a book with the title of “Stand By Your Hitman”?This is the first novel I’ve read by Leslie Langtry and it is very funny! The story is definitely a romance…and the heroine is an assassin.Is there a feminine form of assassin?Assassinette?Assassiness?I couldn’t find one in the OED (Oxford English Dictionary), but maybe we can all just vote?Anyway, Langtry manages to play off just about every stereotype there is regarding assassins and does a darn good job too.Who knew assassins could be loveable heroes and heroines?

Missi Bombay comes from a long line of professional assassins (are there any other kind)?She’s also an inventor.After her husband died (don’t ask!), she retired with her twin sons to the Bombay family’s island refuge and immured herself in her lab, inventing exploding jockstraps, strangling pantyhose, and poison lipsticks, etc.Then ‘the council’ approaches her with a job.She will appear on a reality TV show, ‘Survivial’, to gather information on a possible target. By the end of the show, the council will let her know whether to kill or not.No biggie, right?Umm…the show is a Canadian knockoff of ‘Survivor’ with a WAY cheap budget, some of the stunts could actually be lethal, she’s beginning to like her possible victim, and oh yeah, she’s falling in love too.

If you’re a fan of reality TV or ‘Survivor’, this book is worth the price just for the screaming parodies Langtry uses.Really!It’s like ‘Survivor’ done by a demented group of teenage delinquents.It’s a riot and I found myself giggling and laughing through the ‘challenges’ and ‘rewards’.Ditto for Missi’s amazingly loveable teenage twins who manage to escape from their grandmother’s custody, steal her credit card, and hide in the jungle in an effort to ‘help out’ their Mom.They also manage to throw a few wrenches (well, actually they’re mangoes not wrenches, but you get the idea) into Missi’s amorous encounters with another of the contestants.I’d actually like to see a book with these two on a college campus!

The only downside for me was the minimal relationship development which made it hard for me to like the lead characters as a couple.The sex scenes are hot (if short) but it felt more like sex than lovemaking?!I never learned much about the male lead.I can’t really call him a hero because the book is all about Missi.He just happens to be the male opposite her.The mystery involved in the story is well done and there’s really nothing serious about anything in the plot.It’s a well-written comedy with romance.

I enjoyed the laughter Leslie Langtry provided me with “Stand By Your Hitman”.It made for a great change of pace and in the future I’ll keep her books in mind for those times I don’t want to read anything that comes close to being staid or somber!
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