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A World History Of Art ePub

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I am very disappointed with this book which claims to be a World History of Art but is, in fact, just a slightly tarted up standard history of Western European Art. It acknowledges the art of non-European cultures in short chapters but completely ignores the art of Eastern Europe - or even the existence of that part of the continent altogether. It sticks to traditional periods of history and Art movements without looking at substratas within those movements (Historicism, for example, is barely covered under Romanticism and so its link to the 19th Century growth of Nationalism is completely missed). There is barely any glance at the growth of Industrialism, or the impact of Colonialism and the development of Art (apart from a few politically-correct comments) or of the impact of the First World War on European Art. Everything is main stream - exactly what I would have expected to find in a book written decades ago! This is just not acceptable in this day-and-age.
The overall presentation is also poor so that it is difficult to actually locate specific themes and topics, within a historical period, easily. I have a copy of the MacMillan Encyclopaedia of Art which, whilst not claiming to be some great academic work, does a much better job in accessibility. My Mitchell Beasley History and Culture volumes are more thorough.
Very disappointing. I would NOT recommend this book to anyone.
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