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Nursing NCLEX-RN ePub

Nursing NCLEX-RN Pearls of Wisdom 1999 has been designed to help you improve your performance on the NCLEX-RN exam as well as help you identify some weak areas in your nursing knowledge. The format of this book is different than most of the common NCLEX-RN preparation review books in that you are not asked to select the best answer. Instead, the answer is provided for you. We have found that this method of board exam review will give you the basic concepts necessary for passing the NCLEX-RN exam...This guide is intended to serve as a study aid to improve performance on the NCLEX-RN exam. To achieve this goal, the text is divided into four major areas of nursing study: medical-surgical; maternal-infant; pediatrics; and mental health. Incorporated into these areas are the aspects that are covered on the NCLEX_RN exam. The questions are written I a straightforward question/answer format and no intention has been made to mislead or "trick" the student. The answer provided will be the best possible answer for that question..Test your knowledge by going through the book more than once and learn from your mistakes.
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