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Iron Age Luke (Luke's Minecraft Quest, #2) ePub

Have you ever dreamed of playing Minecraft for real?
That's exactly what happens to Luke, when he enters the wonderful world of Minecraft for the first time - in real life!
Follow Luke as he explores his new home, learns how to mine and gather resources, crafts essential items, builds a base and battles against monsters in the darkness!
Can Luke survive a dangerous mission underground and return with the treasure?
Iron Age Luke is the second book in the Luke's Minecraft Quest series. Follow Luke as he progresses from Minecraft noob to expert. Pick up tips as you read!
Fully illustrated.
For ages 7 - 11.
‘Minecraft’ is a registered trademark and copyright of Mojang / Notch. Luke’s Minecraft Quest is not official; approved or endorsed by; or associated or connected with Mojang / Notch.
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