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Wicked Truths (Wicked's Way #5) ePub

Wicked Truths (Wicked's Way #5) ePub ebook download
A man from Wick's past knows Ned's secrets and is after their future…wicked truths are coming…

Wick Templeton is not dating Ned. At least that's his story—period. But when someone decides that Ned's time on earth is over, Wick doesn't bother with the semantics of it…his boyfriend is in danger and that's unacceptable.

What happens when the person targeting Ned just may be the only person Wick can't defend against?

Secrets are revealed, people are hurt, and a very shaky relationship is tested. When the dust clears nothing in Wick's life will be the same.

Caution: This is the fifth in the series, and while you can read this by itself...you know what? Forget it...no you can't read this one by itself and miss out on all the stuff that makes Wick so darn awesome, go back and start with the first one.
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