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Frosted Hearts (Collared Hearts, #2) ePub

Frosted Hearts (Collared Hearts, #2) ePub ebook download
Anthony and Josh are happily together and faced with the rush of Christmas and all that comes with it, including family stress. It seems Josh’s family pretends everything is fine on the surface – while is brother-in-law makes homophobic comments when no one is around – and Anthony’s family pretend he’s not gay and pressure him and Josh to find “nice girls” and get married.

Christmas Eve and a car accident on the way to church leaves Anthony with a broken arm and no way to paint, bringing out his insecurities that if he’s not Josh’s star artist, will he still want him. However a very special ring and proposal from Josh on Christmas morning goes a long way to soothing his worries.

There is no great drama in this one. Both men are confident in their relationship when it comes to dealing with their families, but again, the art is very much a character in the stories. There is an interesting small glass Christmas tree which has multiple uses – ahem, some god-awful artsy trees that sell in the gallery, and of course Josh’s mural he’s been working on for nearly a year (which I can visualize and would still love to see). The car accident however, serves as a catalyst for a few things, for acceptance by some of Anthony’s family of their relationship and the opportunity for Josh to be clear that he loves Anthony completely, not merely as one of his star artists.

It’s a nice ending to their story, showing them stronger than ever and still playing with their slave collar and keeping it kinky in the bedroom. I rated this one slightly higher because I really grew to love Josh and how he treated Anthony. He was the perfect boyfriend this time around.
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