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Brew Cuisine ePub

Brew Cuisine: Is your guide too a whole new culinary experience-scores of delicious recipes, all taking advantage of the marvellous tenderizing and flavour-enhancing qualities of beer and ale.
Cooking with beer can give your meal a new creative edge, from appetizers such as Cheddar Dill Dip and Tropical Shrimp with Marmalade Sauce, and soups such as Vichyssoise and Bob's Clam Chowder, through salads and stews to great tasting desserts and baked goods. The recipes have all been meticulously tested; the authors' include handy tips on using beer in your cooking, and serve up a fascinating assortment of informative anecdotes testifying to the important role that beer has played throughout history.
Ideal for the seasoned cook looking for new ideas, or the bachelor who needs a little encouragement in the kitchen, BREW CUISINE makes great reading and great eating too!
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