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The Canadian Reporter ePub

The Canadian Reporter is an introductory news writing and reporting text based on the essential skills, techniques and principles of journalism as they are practiced in Canada by Canadian journalists. Although the book's main focus remains newspaper reporting, the authors show that the habits and methods of good print journalism have applications in other news media as well.
In The Canadian Reporter, journalists will find detailed coverage of the entire range of their craft, from fundamental principles such as simplicity and accuracy to specific skills such as the development of story ideas and the use of research sources. Of special practical value are the chapter-long treatments of particular news beats, and a closing section that examines the difficult question of journalistic ethics.
Drawing from the work of many top Canadian journalists, up-to-date examples and cases throughout the text offer craft advice on everything from research strategies to the reporting of polls to the organization of a major article. The Canadian Reporter has helped many novice reporters gain confidence and competence in a challenging field, and remains an indispensable resource to new and experienced reporters alike.
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