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In Dreams and Darkness ePub

In Dreams and Darkness ePub ebook download
Daniel is a regular guy, with regular dreams. Tired of unsatisfying sex-based relationships, he's searching for a man who could be "the one." Or... at least, he would be searching, if he wasn't busy renovating an old, dilapidated mansion in the middle of nowhere.

But it's a good job and time alone will give him a chance to rethink the direction of his life. The house seems the same to a lot of others he's renovated over the years. Or...is it?

When unusual things start to happen, when doors open without anyone being there, when shadows crawl behind Daniel at every step, and something strange seems to hide in the darkness, what is Daniel to believe? Is he dreaming the beautiful man with too sad eyes and too sharp fangs? Or is there more to the mansion than anyone would ever have thought?

(24,600 words plus a 2000 word sample chapter of "Claiming His Boss")
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