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A Little Bit Lucid ePub

A Little Bit Lucid ePub ebook download
Kindle version available for free at Amazon Oct 13-17!

A collection of short stories from the other side of the coin.

You will meet:

A middle-aged man who finally receives some attention - from a surveillance drone.

A bunch of conquistadores who run out of luck... looks like this time the natives saw them coming.

A patient in a mental institution who knows something about cockroaches and is perhaps not as delusional as he would have the doctors believe...

A geologist who unearths something that technically shouldn't exist - at least not in a land of stone-age people.

A man who finds that telling the truth isn't everything it's cracked up to be...

A sweet old lady who loves Mozart and can look after herself...

A modern invention that was meant to make things easier for everyone...

And more...

Flip the coin, and see what you find!

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