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Being with Him (The Being Trilogy #1) ePub

Being with Him (The Being Trilogy #1) ePub ebook download
An interesting read. Readers of Inclan's Croyants or Believe series will recognize some elements here, such as telepathy and possession, only they're more fitting in this context. Aliens. More importantly, there is more structure to these phenomena, rules and limits, etc.

Garrick also begins as a darker hero in Being with Him. He is motivated by a very compelling struggle, i.e. his fundamental difference from all other people. Inclan captures his alienation, his aloneness, very well. Garrick tried to tell his parents about his "abilities" as a child, and they believed he was mentally troubled. He learned to keep silent about his powers as a result and play a part. He has gotten used to protecting himself from deeper relationships, knowing that he will never be able to expose the most critical part of him.

I really liked this element of realism, and I was initially intrigued by Garrick, as well as Mila's approaches to their natures and the different ways in which this has affected their lives. Her men are thankfully not all clones. Secondary character Porter, smart aleck and cynic, is just as interesting as Garrick.

Unfortunately, once Mila and Garrick close the human chapter of their lives, there isn't as powerful a struggle to invest the audience's emotion. I loved the action plot and the time travel, but too often the author shrank from defining a culture or power or incident. There was too much abstract, vague and fuzzy, e.g. the gestalt consciousness when all the aliens travel together.

Sometimes warm and fuzzy. I would like to see some more editing and honed prose, possibly less dense with the sentimental reflections, especially as they were repetitive -Mila thinking for the nth time about her family- and closed every scene.

That said, if you like a non-explicit, feel-good romance where the heroes triumph and talk about their feelings, jump time, travel space and San the city, and flee alien baddies, check this out. There are a lot of fun Hollywood moments, like the roundtable discussion when all the secondary characters meet and share their impression of their predicament à laJurassic Park . It's a little bit like a combo of all the scifi we've seen:Doctor Who ,Sliders , etc. Except as a romance! :D
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