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The Breath of The Almighty ePub

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The Breath of The Almighty: Inspiration and Illumination from the Bible is written for the outsiders: those outside of the church culture, who have made choices contrary to God's will (or what they believe to be His will), and who secretly doubt that they can ever be good enough for God. Here is real hope for the lost and needy. He lives! And He will make a way for you, through His son Jesus Christ, who lived, died, and resurrected so that He could earn the supremacy in all things, and bring us home to splendid, resplendent, and perfect Heaven. The Breath reveals the character of God, of Jesus Christ, and of the Holy Spirit, their different missions, and their different means of saving us to their eternal rest. The Breath reveals the virtues of Faith, Hope, and Love, and why love is the greatest of these. The Breath of The Almiighty also explores destiny and predestination, as well as the angels and hell itself.
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