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Kick the Past (Eoster's Baskets #8) ePub

Kick the Past (Eoster's Baskets #8) ePub ebook download
As teens, Gabriela Esperanza and Austin Ward exchanged rings and promised to love each other forever. But their promises, like their plans, didn't survive engagement with their futures.

Years later, CIA Agent Ward must keep a prince from an unknown assassin's crosshairs. Mercenary G. Esperanza won't get paid until her target is dead. They're both shocked to discover their lost love standing in the way.

As Easter approaches, the lovers wage their own personal war while a man's life hangs in the balance. Betrayal, violence and passion erupt in Rome's ancient streets. Can the magic of Sundae's guaranteed sexily ever after save a life and heal the past or will they destroy each other forever?
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