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"Vibrant, darkly funny, and courageously candid Tron has written about losing your mind and then reclaiming it in psychedelic, poetic prose." - Interview Magazine

Gina Tron is not the best person at being a person, which is why on Christmas Eve 2010 she checked herself into New York City's Gracie Square Rehabilitation Center and Psychiatric Institute. This memoir is an account of a self-proclaimed adult low life. It's a trip down Tron's cocaine-frosted rabbit hole as she observes the assembly line of broken people (herself included) produced by society, then labeled as incorrigible by failing institutions. She is not a vindicator of the floundering masses, but a stumbling shaman soap-boxing a nihilist spiritualism. Tron reminds us of our undeniable mediocrity; it's our averageness which makes us human, and our humanity which makes us extraordinary.

Book is available in independent bookstores across the country and online here: http://papercutpress.bigcartel.com/pr...
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