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Beastly Girls ePub

Seven sexy stories from a lady author, of girl on girl humiliation and role play; as adult babies cows, pigs, puppies, and of girls having fun, and being as beastly, manipulative and sexually demanding to each other as only girls know how! In Dairy Herd we follow Primrose, Violet and Lily as they learn to be good little heifers, belled, nose-ringed, permanently horny and with massively swollen tits, to their new career as milch cows. In Practise Nurse a naughty nursie seduces lady patients into lesbian sex at the surgery. At St Winifred's Home For Unwed Mothers the inmates introduce the abusive nuns to the joys of suckling at a mother's breasts and subvert the whole establishment with the nuns as adult babies. In Smotherly Love two 'feeders' take on the world together, start www.plumpandcuddly.com and achieve fame and fortune. Fingers And Toes is about to be fired for a catalogue of sexual abuse, lesbian rape and sexual humiliation of other girls in the office she seduces her boss instead, and is promoted to be Head of Personnel. My Best Friend's Tits and the milk they produced fascinated her. Soon she and her sister were her best friend's adult baby girls! The Office Junior is turned on by looking at and especially sniffing other girls' knickers, which leads to her life as the office bitch.
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