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Seduction (Seven Erotic Nights - Diary Book 2) ePub

Seduction (Seven Erotic Nights - Diary Book 2) ePub ebook download
Adult Content Warning: SEDUCTION - Steamy Sexy Short Stories, Diary 2 in the Seven Erotic Nights series, is a collection of seven sexually explicit short stories from talented professional writers. These steamy, sexy short stories focus primarily on heterosexual encounters between two or more adults. The Seven Erotic Nights Diaries from Explicit Books prefer a female-centric point of view with empowered female characters, but, to keep things interesting, not exclusively.

Explicit Books Publishing publishes stories for adult audiences with a taste for sexually explicit prose. We feature X rated erotica with adult sexual conduct that contains explicitly written descriptions of sexual organs and activity that is intended to stimulate erotic feelings. Explicit Books is about arousing the reader with open-door sex scenes using unreserved, adult-oriented language.

The goal of all Explicit Books Publishing publications, whether a collection of short stories or longer novels, is to titillate our readers. We like to say that Explicit Books is about sexy people sexily having sex. More detail and our pledge to readers is available at http://ExplicitBooks.com/Guidelines/

Seven Erotic Nights - Diary 2 contains the following sexy stories:

Back to School - By I.G. Frederick
Foxy Den Motel - By M. Christine
Bear With Me - By Lynn Lake
What You Wear - By Roger Leatherwood
Hard Times - By Lynn Lake
Blind Date - By I.G. Frederick
Home Invitation - By Lynn Lake

Thank you for considering SEDUCTION. If you're not sure Seven Erotic Nights is the Diary for you, take advantage of the Look-Inside feature for a hot sample of what you'll find between the digital sheets.
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