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The Singing Silence ePub

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While I hang out with math geeks all the time, I'm not actually one of those people who really "gets it." Nevertheless I had very little difficulty following Anne Hamilton's explanations of how mathematics rears its head constantly in nature, indicating both intelligent and loving design.

The Singing Silence also explains how those in the ancient world (and into the Middle Ages) perceived God's math messages... and how they emulated them.

My favourite section of the book was when Hamilton explained how the golden ratio (or divine proportion) was used by the "wisemen" from the Eastto locate a new born king at the time of a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn and/or a Halley's Comet year. This was absolutely fascinating stuff... which swelled to mind blowing when she added (in the endnotes) her plausible theory about the possible influence of the prophet Daniel in this cross-country trek.

Well-researched, clearly written and highly insightful. This is a short work with notes for those who want to dig deeper: notes that are worth the extra time.
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