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Undercover Heat (Heat, #6) ePub

Undercover Heat (Heat, #6) ePub ebook download
Melody Gray has a dilemma, two of them really.
First, a CIA agent name Nick Price has appeared at her detective agency looking for a former client of hers named Jake Fields.According to Price, his real name is Nick Hurley, and he’s embezzled a lot of money from the CIA.What Nick isn’t telling Melody is that he’s really searching for Jake because his superior believes he’s a werewolf, not that Nick believes in them.But, his boss is his boss, and Nick’s got to follow orders.

What Melody isn’t telling Nick is that Jake Hurley is really Garth Gray, her brother.She knows exactly why Nick Price is hunting her brother.After all, Garth is really a werewolf.So is Melody for that matter.All she has to do is stall Nick Price of the “effing” CIA long enough for her father Artemis to get Nick pulled off the case.

Melody’s second problem?Seems there’s a wolf named Drake who thinks she’d make the perfect mate.Melody isn’t interested.Go live in the woods as a wolf for the rest of her life and give up bubble baths and chocolate?No way!All she has to do is figure out how to convince Drake, who’s got to be the most stubborn wolf she’d ever met.

Two males, one human, one wolf, and both driving Melody to distraction. But then, neither is exactly what he seems to be.
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