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Happy Birthday ePub

This book was a fiction children's book. Julie, the main character loves birthdays and is fascinated by how everyone spends their birthdays little differently. She writes in her birthday book about everyone's birthday throughout the year. From foreign friend's to aunt's the book Julie was writing over flowed with birthdays.

As a literacy teacher,I wouldn't want to use this book in class, especially for younger students as this book is quite long with lots of information, I believe students will easily get distracted throughout the book. But if we were to read it in class, students can talk about how they celebrate their birthday.

Satomi Ichikawa's cultural background does relate to the content of the text as she countered many different cultures as she lived in both Japan and Paris. Ichikawa made short stories within the book easy and fun to read with beautiful drawings of each child and scenery. The text taught me how some people would celebrate their birthday in some countries.
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