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Basic Civil and Environmental Engineering ePub

About the Book: Basic civil and environmental engineering paper has been introduced for the undergraduate students of Pune University. The course is aimed at imparting basic knowledge of civil engineering encompassing various types of constructions and automation in construction and environmental engineering covering ecology and ecosystem, environmental pollution, energy resources, EIA and built environment. This book is written with a view to provide diverse information on the subject in a lucid style. Contents: Section-I: Basic Civil Engineering Chapter 1: Introduction to Civil Engineering Chapter II: Basic Areas in Civil Engineering Chapter III: Materials of Construction Chapter IV: Construction of Substructures Chapter V: Superstructures Chapter VI: Introduction to Automation in Construction Chapter VII: Introduction to Surveying Chapter VIII: Introduction to Levelling Chapter IX: Introduction to GIS and Other Survey Softwares Section-II: Environmental Engineering Chapter X: Ecology and Ecosystem Chapter XI: Planning for the Built Environment Chapter XII: Energy and Environmental Pollution
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