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A Little Bit Country - Book One ePub

A Little Bit Country - Book One ePub ebook download
Not every country song ends in heartbreak.

Sometimes, you hear a song on the radio and can’t help but wonder what was happening before it started...or after it ends.Here are a few stories that fill in the blanks.

About the Novellas

Come a Little Closer
Trenton and Rachael were high school sweethearts and first loves.Life sometimes gets in the way but Jack has no intention of losing the only woman he's ever loved without a fight.

Gone Country
Authors Katerina and Samantha are sick of the city and done with men out to use and abuse them.Frustrated, they retreat to small town life and discover country boys who play by different rules.

Getting stranded in the middle of nowhere doesn't bother Monica in the least.When Sergei pulls up in a tow truck, she realizes she might need rescuing of a different kind.

Who’s Your Daddy
When Jeremy meets Leah, they line out a mutually beneficial relationship plan that translates to no long-term commitment.They learn the heart doesn't give a damn about your plans.

All We’d Ever Need
The day Tyler walked out of her life, Robin stopped living hers.Pride and fear will do their best to destroy the strongest love.It’s a good thing love doesn’t take that lying down.

Let it Rain
Kate doesn't let her cheating husband ruin her life.She slams him with the facts and moves on.When she meets Josh, a rancher determined to sweep her off her feet, she wonders if she can give him a heart that's been bruised.There's nothing like a man on a mission.

NOTE: This story contains explicit sexual scenes and language and is intended for mature audiences only.Do not read this novel if intense sexual situations offend you.
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