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Beastly Tales from Here and There ePub

Beastly Tales from Here and There ePub ebook download
DISCLAIMER: By the time she finished the book, the reviewer was so deeply influenced by the rhymes in this little book of tales that she couldn't keep the wannabe poet inside her from casting forth the following lines.

In world of beasts and that of men,
There have been a few occasions when
Such good books have been created
Which can be read and appreciated
By both the old and the young
And which leave a musical note on one's tongue
Whose rhythmic pattern tends to stay
With the Reader day after day
Yes, such a book is seldom read
That makes one travel through one's head
To shores of Greece, lands of Ukraine
And feel the Chinese wind and Indian rain
And then again, very rarely
Does one stumble upon such poetry
That gives the animals a voice
And leaves the Reader with no choice
But to admire the versatility
Of the person who so effortlessly
Turns Aesop's fables into rhymes
And revives the good old times
Of Grandma's winter Fairy-tales
Stories of doves and parrots, ducks and quails
Indeed much like a box of sweets
Anyone can enjoy the rhythmic beats
Of these poems where Mr Seth
Turned tales into poems much like 'The Golden Gate'.
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