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Songbird had come to Shooter's Cross for a singing engagement. Trouble came with her.

She'd witnessed a bank robbery almost a year ago that had resulted in a death. She knew the face of the killer. He wanted her dead.

Newspaperman Mitchell McCarthy wanted her engagement at the Bad Dog Saloon shut down. He was a silent owner of the competition. He works behind the scene to get the good church ladies to stop the young woman who dared to show arms and shoulders in the bill advertising the show.

The men he'd hired to break up the Mad Dog hadn't worked out and they weren't happy. They wanted more money.

Two cousins get roughed up by Songbird and her bodyguard, Ying, a Chinese who knew martial arts and had taught them to his charge. They wanted revenge.

Sam Blaylock's men were in town to attend her show and Sam and Darby were there to lend Marshal Tolliver assistance in controlling the crowd.

It all sets up a finale full of action, thwarted plans, changed minds, and frustrated behind the scenes planning.

A fine western. Bill Crider does the honors as Jackson Colby this time around. The cover is of beautiful singer Casey Lansdale, daughter of well known writer Joe R. Lansdale.
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