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Cain's Coven (Begotten Bloods, #1) ePub

Cain's Coven (Begotten Bloods, #1) ePub ebook download
Vampire Romance & Suspense PG-14

A woman goes missing,
And then is found dead.
Another will follow,
In a town full of dread.

Debilitating fear from a secret trauma keeps nineteen year old Claryn Anderson from ever accepting a second date. To placate her best friend's worries, however, Claryn agrees to three dates with an alluring stranger, Justice Cain, who has an uncanny sense for when to give her more space.
When Claryn begins to hope to overcome her fears, she discovers Justice has a secret as well. Meanwhile, dangers multiply in her hometown, and missing young women are just the beginning of a growing menace that threatens both the sparks of Claryn's romance and her very life.
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