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Meditation for Lucid Dreamers ePub

Meditation for Lucid Dreamers ePub ebook download
Modern studies have shown that meditation accelerates the ability to lucid dream (to become consciously self-aware while dreaming). Armed with the right techniques, virtually anyone can use these basic guided meditation practices to enjoy conscious dreams on demand.

Besides the well-known physical and psychological benefits of meditation, this enjoyable practice can also develop your visualization skills, your ability to enter altered states of awareness at will, and your capacity for heightened self-awareness. And these are all important mechanisms used to induce lucid dreams... to enter a virtual reality playground where anything is possible.

In Meditation for Lucid Dreamers: The Guided Meditation Handbook, long time lucid dreamer Rebecca Turner guides you through the theory and practice of meditation and visualization. She offers step-by-step tutorials and guided meditation sessions, creating valuable visualizations for lucid dreams and profound out of body phenomena.

Rebecca says, "Meditation has played a key role in my life ever since I learned to lucid dream as a teenager, enabling me to access profound states of awareness and fast-track my lucid dreaming skills. This intensive book distills essential wisdom on the subject; the great secrets that I have used to induce lucid dreams for years."

To learn more about lucid dreaming, see Rebecca's companion book, The Art of Lucid Dreaming: The Pursuit of Conscious Dream Control - now available on Kindle.
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