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Journal of Experimental Fiction 34 ePub

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Eckhard Gerdes is an American-bornnovelist & editor. He earned his MFA in creative writing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

He's author of ten published novels:
Projections ['86 Depth Charge]
Ring in a River ['89 Depth Charge]
Truly Fine Citizen ['92 Highlander]
Cistern Tawdry ['02 Fugue State]
Przewalski's Horse ['06 Red Hen]
The Million-Year Centipede, or, Liquid Structures ['07 Raw Dog Screaming]
Nin & Nan ('08 Bizarro]
My Landlady the Lobotomist ['08 Raw Dog Screaming]
The Unwelcome Guest and Nin and Nan ['10 Crossing Chaos Enigmatic Ink]
Hugh Moore ('10 Civil Coping Mechanisms)

His work reflects experimental technique, sometimes ignoring time, space, or causality in the service of stories of individuals struggling to transcend fear & limitation. His recent work has been associated with the Bizarro Fiction movement, of which he is one of the leading proponents.

Reviews of his work have appeared in Rain Taxi, Notre Dame Review, Cream People, Review of Contemporary Fiction & elsewhere.

Eckhard Gerdes is the editor of The Journal of Experimental Fiction, issues of which are usually Festschrifts on a single writer (e.g. John Barth, Raymond Federman, Harold Jaffe). He has also written on modern & post-modern literature for Review of Contemporary Fiction, Hyde Park Review of Books & other magazines.

Gerdes has twice been the recipient of the Richard Pike Bissell Creative Writing Award for excerpts from Przewalski's Horse. The Million-Year Centipede was selected as one of the top ten mainstream novels of 2007 in the annual Preditors & Editors Readers Poll. He has also been a finalist for both the Starcherone & the Blatt fiction prizes for his unpublished manuscript White Bungalows. For Cistern Tawdry Gerdes was nominated for the Georgia Author of the Year Award in the Fiction Category. He lives near Chicago. He has three children.
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