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Dog & Butterfly ePub

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Children and parents can snuggle up together to read the brand-new Dog & Butterfly book, which brings to life the story of a little dog whose only desire is to befriend a butterfly - and the determination and perseverance that help him reach his goal. Written and Illustrated by Ann and Nancy Wilson Graphic Design by Amber McDonald Ann Wilson and Nancy Wilson of the world-famous group Heart have created an engaging children's book based on Dog & Butterfly, the iconic song they also penned. The book was beautifully written and illustrated by Ann with Nancy adding color and her own whimsical drawings of butterflies to the mix. The talented siblings have also recorded a brand-new version of Dog & Butterfly, the hit song from the double-platinum album of the same name, specifically for the children's book project. The song will be available for download only with the purchase of the book.
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