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Wordsmithery ePub

Wordsmithery, Second Edition, offers an apprenticeship in composing based on the practices of working writers, showing students what approaches, attitudes, and strategies those writers use to successfully complete work-in-progress. It presents a range of strategies illustrated with student and professional examples that work not only for career writers but also for people engaged in academic or work-related writing. Unlike other books in its field, Wordsmithery incorporates a wide range of authors' approaches, sample essays, and student examples to succinctly illustrate methods useful at each stage of the writing process. The text is based on the premise that the same techniques effective for experienced writers will benefit novice writers. The workshop approach presented offers ample opportunity for interaction. Wordsmithery focuses on the individual elements of writing from preliminary preparation techniques to presentation of the text to the outside world and demonstrates practical methods useful in both academic and personal writing.
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