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Oh How Can I Keep on Singing? ePub

Oh How Can I Keep on Singing? ePub ebook download
The book is a collection of poems about women in Washington State's Okanogan Valley during the 1880s and 1890s.There are also a lot of interesting old photos throughout the book.

This book is truly a labor of love on the part of this author. It probably won't be read by many people, and won't bring her fame or fortune, but it's so important to preserve the memories of our foremothers.
The author intended to write a novel on a different topic.In the course of her research, she ran across pioneer reminiscences collected from old newspaper articles.Few of these were from women, so the author meticulously researched Northwest archives to find bits and pieces about the women and their lives and deaths.These women suffered avalanches, Indian raids, floods, starvation, tuberculosis, and rattlesnakes.One woman killed 300 rattlers outside her tent the first summer after her arrival!Yikes!

I admire this woman and her dedication to preserving history in the form of very readable story poems.
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