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Loyalty Demands Dissent ePub

With his customary vigor and incisive words, Thailand's Sulak Sivaraksa, one of Asia's foremost Buddhist social thinkers and activists, has endured death threats, exile, and grueling legal ordeals. Somehow he has thrived.Sulak Sivaraksa's tumultuous life began at the very moment Thailand emerged from absolute rule into the path of democracy and constitutional monarchy sixty-five years ago. From early childhood, Sulak has been a lightning rod for what he calls "radical conservatism". He has bravely opposed dishonesty, corruption, and militarism while defending the embrace of tradition, democracy, and human rights.

His memoirs explore a life rooted in the Buddhist "middle way" through the stormy passage of twentieth-century Thailand. His family history, basic Buddhism, and his extraordinary education abroad with the fabric of difficult times. Through Sulak's eyes we see his indomitable way of pulling people together into common work and community.
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