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The Serpent Beneath ePub

The Serpent Beneath ePub ebook download
By Slaanesh, I thought the Emperor's Children novella was awesome, but this one really takes the cake! I really like the HH take on the Alpha Legion, the super secret covert operations and whatnot, and this novella was a perfect example of that. The story was told perfectly, the characterisation was awesome(for most of the characters being Alpharius), and the twist, oh man, I did not see that coming! Though I really, REALLY, should have! I like the implications this has for the AL as a whole as well, and it is really setting the stones for some works later on, such as Scars. Anyways, amazing novella, I hope they release it as a stand alone hardcover, because I'd buy the shit out of it just to get it specifically signed by Rob!
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