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The Sharon Stone Story ePub

The Sharon Stone Story ePub ebook download
Sharon Stone came from nowhere to become an 'overnight star' in the steamy thriller Basic Instinct. Now one of Hollywood's biggest female stars, she recently received a Golden Globe and an Oscar nomination for her role In Casino.The Sharon Stone Story traces her life, from her childhood as a plain country girl and self-confessed 'nerdy ugly duckling' with an exceptionally high IQ, through her years as a teenage beauty queen and then as an international fashion model before making her screen debut in 1981. Then, with determined doggedness, Sharon Stone set out to become a star, trying to shake off the blonde bimbo image she had been saddled with and finally establishing herself as one of America's foremost actresses and a producer in her own right.

Michael Munn portrays a woman who has fought against the conventions and chauvinistic attitudes of the men who run Hollywood and has not been afraid to speak out In the process. He relates her on-set battles with leading man William Baldwin during the filming of Silver and the scandalous affair with producer Bill MacDonald that led to the press branding her as a homewrecker. He examines the tragedies she overcame in her youth, the crippling injury she sustained that helped change her life, the secret work she does for charity and her relationships with her leading men, including Michael Douglas, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rock Hudson and Robert De Niro.

Michael Munn has interviewed Sharon Stone and many people who have worked with her, including Michael Douglas, Martin Scorsese and Richard Chamberlain, to build an insightful portrait of this remarkable and courageous woman.
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