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Sweet! Sweet! Love! ePub

Sweet! Sweet! Love! ePub ebook download
I am a 48 year old divorced, Black American female. I have no children but a close family of many nieces and nephews. And now have grand nieces and nephews with I am proud of always.

This website has the Bella Blue characters and color me pages you can download. Also, calendars for Oct and Nov.

I am currently a retired disable person from the Veterans Affairs. My body is weak but my mind is strong. I like many others that have no other choice but to obey doctor's order, our mind is never going to stop. So, I decided to place my over worked mind into my passion: writing.
So, I gained up the courage to publish (self) my masterpieces. I am happy with Xlibris. I am promoting my new book: Words of "Expressions" on a Page: Poetry Love, so decide to join the sites that will allow me to do so.

I, ask for a chance in this elite club of writers, authors, publishers, editors and readers. I did channel into the gift God gave me and allowed my creative spirit to work. I have a novella titled: A Family Affair, coming out before March 2014. Publish America is publishing that one for me. Then, I have another poetry book titled: Sweet! Sweet! Love! If I had a Pen, published (self) by Xlibris due out by March 2014 also. Please kindly give my work a chance.

From my heart to yours: Thank you!
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