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Claimed (The Warriors of Nur #1) ePub

Claimed (The Warriors of Nur #1) ePub ebook download
Earth is over populated. Leo’Nya Zesiro is one of the pilots charged with finding and cataloging new "housing options". Life is lovely, at least until her vessel is attacked and she finds herself stranded on a newly discovered, un-cataloged planet.
On a planet where males out number females 1-7, Erol knows from the beginning that Leo'Nya is the female he's been waiting for... now he has to keep her from leaving until she realizes it.
Leo finds the beauty and peace she's always longed for, but there are hidden dangers on Nur. The men might do all the cooking, but they also tend to steal you, that is if they can kill your current owner. If she can stay alive, she might just make it home in one piece. At least if she can manage not to fall in love with the caveman who's trying to keeper her.
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