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Tortured Torsos ePub

What would make YOU confess? Being stretched on the rack, squeezed in a doubled-up position by the ‘Scavenger’s Daughter’, or crushed beneath increasingly heavy weights? Perhaps having needles inserted under your finger- and toenails, suspended by your wrists, or being crippled for life, your leg bones having been shattered by the Wedge Boots, might do the trick. Or maybe you’re a tough character and wouldn’t give in until you had been made to swallow excessive amounts of water, have your teeth forced out one by one, or a rope slowly tightened around your head. Could be that you managed to survive all that, but a spell in a dungeon among the rats, followed by being hanged inverted by your ankles, or being subjected, first to the agony of the thumbscrews, then to your legs being slowly roasted in the Hot Boots, might make you think again!
Such persuasive treatments could well result in subsequently receiving a bare-back whipping through the streets en route to the scaffold, where you would be pinioned in the pillory, either to have your ears nailed to the uprights and having to tear them off in order to free yourself, or unable to protect your face as the hangman proceeds to sever them for you, then endure the agony of having him slit your nostrils and ruin your good looks for ever by branding your cheeks with a red-hot iron. Worst of all, should you have confessed and been found guilty, death would come, either by being burned alive at the stake, or, horror of horrors, by being half-hanged, then while still conscious, disembowelled and decapitated, your cadaver cut into four quarters and, together with your severed head, put on display around the town – ugh!
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