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Summer of Love (Summer Days, #3) ePub

Summer of Love (Summer Days, #3) ePub ebook download
Max Randolph has always loved weddings, so much so that he made planning them his life’s work. But, ever since the demise of his personal relationship a few months before his own wedding, Max has had difficulty celebrating the happiness of others. Still, when a call comes from his friend to plan the perfect wedding to his partner, Max can’t help but agree.

The couple wants their wedding celebration to be held at The Acres. On a trip to get the planning started, Max sees his ex, Trevor, for the first time in months. He expects a fraught meeting, but instead, Trevor is civil and downright sweet. Max wonders if there’s anything wrong with a little harmless flirting with an ex. After all, Max and Trevor never got to have break-up sex.

It isn’t long until old feelings start to bubble to the surface and Max finds himself debating whether there’s a way for him and Trevor to try again. But, when long-buried truths come to light, will their chance at reconciliation be over before it starts? Or will the wedding provide the perfect backdrop for rekindled romance?
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