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The Serpent's Egg ePub

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This was a great book- I really like Caroline Stevermer.Only a few minor points bugged me.One, that the Chrisofar thing was left so open-ended.I really would have liked it better explained what happened, though there were hints so one could draw a pretty fair conclusion.Two, I would have loved it to be longer because I would have loved to get to know all of the characters better, particularly (of course) Margaret and Christopher, and enjoy the humor of others more- such as Raven and Diana. Three, I thought the end with Christopher was a little strange, and not in character for him.Anyone else think that?I know he thought he had been un-chivalric or whatever, but I don't think it would have bugged him to that extent.Anyway, still good ending (quite enjoyed the out-of-the-blue hair yanking).
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