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Willowcreek Disciple ePub

A group of 6 young thugs from the inner-city of Houston, Texas finds out the hard way that the gangster lifestyle isn't all that it's cracked out to be. One by one, each member of the Willowcreek posse experiences his own personal tragedy.
After living through a couple of murder attempts, robberies, drug smuggling, betrayal, the loss of friends of violence and paralysis, the main character Tank surrenders his life to God.
Meanwhile, the 2 remaining members of the posse continue to relish in their illegal endeavors. After a dispute, which led to a shootout, the law quickly apprehended one of the gang members. The remaining member fled the State and continued his illegal activities. Ultimately, he is arrested and brought to justice for his participation in the shooting.
Tank, however, gets married and eventually has two children. Ironically, he realizes that his life is finally prospering although the money isn't coming in as fast as was once the case.
Willowcreek Disciple gives an accurate depiction of the ills on the streets. Many of our youths are misinformed about the perils involved with that lifestyle. Hopefully after reading this book they will see that being a gangster is a no-win situation.
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