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This novel is like *Call of the Wild* meets *Firestarter.*Told from the point of view of an extraordinary house cat, Deinonychus, readers are taken on an exciting and surprising road trip with the genocidal cat.

When I say "surprising," I mean exactly that:what occurs in this novel is absolutely *not* what you'd expect.I found myself alternately moved, disgusted, humbled, and frightened (in only the best of ways) as I read through *Out the Door.*If we were able to use half-stars, I may have rated this a 4.5, but I'm happy to round up in this case due to the beautiful prose and deeper thematic rumblings that become apparent as we get closer to the end.

There are some slow moments where it seems we're only to follow this cat as it devours increasingly larger prey, but there is so much more that occurs, and so much going on just beneath the surface, that these moments are easily accepted.The moments when we are allowed access to human characters makes me wish we had even more face time with them, as they are so perfectly drawn in all their glorious imperfections.

From the experimental prologue to the deep waters of the epilogue, the reader is constantly challenged while simultaneously rewarded.As I read the ending, the sudden connection of the domestication of animals to the domestication of ourselves, as a race, was awe inspiring.Those last pages alone seemed to coat the entire novel with a new sheen of meaning.

This novel is not to be missed.Troy Blackford is a writer you should watch, because I have no doubt his novels will continue to entertain and challenge.
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