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The Road to Royalty ePub

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Growing up in Jesus is not easy. There are wildernesses to cross, deep valleys to walk through, and many enemies to overcome. Yet, there are no excuses permitted for immaturity. Jesus has paved a path for us to walk on and has given us guardians and teachers to help us find our way. The Road to Royalty describes the seven stages of this journey towards maturity in Christ and encourages every believer to be faithful to the process of the cross and its work in conforming us to the nature of Jesus Are you feeling stagnant in your spiritual growth? Have you been given promises by the Lord, yet their fulfillment seems to never come? Did you ever feel lost in the wilderness of life, wandering around and not sure just what the Lord was doing? The Road to Royalty was written for you. It is a clear biblical study on the journey of life and the process we must go through to become mature in Christ Jesus.
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