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The Jake Helman Files ePub

In the fifth book in the Jake Helman Files series, private investigator Jake Helman returns to New York City after fighting the battle of his life on Pavot Island to save his best friend, Edgar. HeoOe1/4Oaos anxious to start a new life with NYPD homicide detective Maria Vasquez, but first he must search for psychic healer Laurel Doniger who disappeared while he was away. As Jake investigates LaureloOe1/4Oaos secret past, heoOe1/4Oaos drawn into a conflict with a being that has existed since the dawn of mankind. This creature is known by many namesoOe1/4OCOLilith, succubus, witchoOe1/4OCObut Jake and his allies will come to know her as the Storm Demon, and sheoOe1/4Oaoll destroy New York City to take revenge on those who interfere with her plans."
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