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Among the Fallen ePub

Among the Fallen ePub ebook download
“Just out of our sight, in the blind shadows of our own vision, lies the Fallen... and the worst game in biblical text is about to be fleshed!”

Alexandra Beaumont, the daughter of a billionaire mayor of the city of Blackwater, had a pretty easy life until she and her younger sister were brutally murdered. After awakening in her grave three months later, Alex will discover that her death will be anything but easy.

While she lay dead, the Fallen, a violent and malicious race of trans-dimensional demons, invaded Blackwater, spreading a plague of carnage and death. As part of the demonic ritual, which led to their being summoned, the Earth is allowed a guardian, who can compete in a deadly game for a chance to save the Earth from the Fallen’s destruction. Alex discovers she has been chosen and must defeat five Fallen Judges hidden throughout Blackwater, and she must do so before sunrise.

As Alex fights her way through the derelict and plague-ravaged city, and the millions of undead that swarm the streets, she will discover that she may not be who she used to be, and she may have to become something else entirely if she is to win the game and defeat the Fallen.
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