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Dreamers (Legacies of the Ancient River #1) ePub

Dreamers (Legacies of the Ancient River #1) ePub ebook download
From the back cover: Though as naturally elegant as any queen, Tuya came as a teenaged slave to Potiphar's household, a personal gift from the mighty Pharaoh. Tall and slender, the young girl had eyes that shone like a stream of gold in the fading light, and her face was as perfectly chiseled as the statues in the finest temples. She knew nothing of her past, except that she had always been a slave.

Another young slave came to Potiphar, purchased from traveling Midianites. Though stained with dust and fatigue, Joseph seemed lighted from within. Indomitable pride was carved into that handsome face, along with intelligence and hard-bitten strength. If harnessed properly, Potiphar envisioned that this lad would pull more than his share of the work load.

In the household of the captain of Pharaoh's guard, Tuya and Joseph come to share their dreams of better things-of freedom-and of love. But as quickly as their destinies seem to entwine, they are torn apart. Will the dreams they share destroy them both?

My comments: I read this years ago and loved it. You'll recognize Joseph as Jacob's son, he of the technicolor dreamcoat, who was beaten by his brothers for being his father's favorite and then sold as a slave. The Christian Bible tells us that after interpreting Pharaoh's dreams of famine, he managed to save the Egyptians from starvation through a long drought. When they heard that Egypt wasn't suffering like the other lands, Joseph's brothers traveled to beg for food. Unknowingly, they were brought before Joseph, who tested them to make sure they weren't the same hateful men they used to be. This novel, however, is set shortly after Joseph's slavery begins, and ends right when his brothers appear, so that it fills in the gaps not in the Bible. Well-written and intriguing, this book isn't overly religious, though Hunt is a Christian novelist. When I read it, I thought it was amazing.
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