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Lost in Love (Lost, #3) ePub

Lost in Love (Lost, #3) ePub ebook download
**Intended for Mature Audiences only. Contains language, sexual content and some violence. 18+ only**

When faced with losing the only woman he has ever loved, Dylan is on a man hunt. He wanted to make sure Ian paid for what he’s done. The justice system couldn’t even come close to the amount of justice he was planning on giving Mechelle.
Mechelle thought that her last moments were going to be filled with the fear of having regrets. There was a lot she didn’t know and so much more she needed to say. But as she’s given another chance to take hold of all the things she’s ever wanted, Dylan goes missing.
Follow Mechelle as her story comes to an end. Sometimes you think you have all the answers, but the truth is we never know how things will go. Mechelle was about to see just how lost she truly was...
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