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Big Bad Bunny ePub

Big Bad Bunny ePub ebook download
There are some picture books designed to be great fun to read aloud and this is definitely one of them. Mama Mouse is sweetly tucking her little baby mice into bed.Kisses and sweetness reign supreme.But turn the page and discover the horror of BIG BAD BUNNY stomping and rampaging no matter what is in her way.Mama Mouse discovers that Baby Boo Boo is missing!And then readers discover that Big Bad Bunny is what Baby Boo Boo turns into when she is angry, especially about being called a baby!

Moving between the loud anger of Big Bad Bunny and the tooth-achingly sweet mothering of Mama Mouse is great fun.And the text is written perfectly to move between them.Karas' art is as vibrant as ever, skillfully telling more of the story than the words do alone.

Small children everywhere will love this story and will relate with relish to the anger of Baby Boo Boo.So here we have a picture book that parents will love to read, children will love to listen to, and which has a great message.What immense fun!Recommended for small children (not babies) everywhere, especially those ages 4-6.

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