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The Diary of a Bride to Be Book 1 ePub

We met online. Hey it's not 1915 people. And so begins 'The Diary of a Bride To Be Book 1: A Reason, A Season, or A Lifetime'. This story is about how two met and one fell in love, and the journey I have since embarked on. It is a classic tale with a modern day setting. From the opening lines, the reader is invited to recollect firsthand, one of the most important journeys in a woman's life. It's a behind the scenes story that spares no details. From the acceptance of a friend request, to becoming more than cyber friends, to saying "I do!" This narrative/creative nonfiction work is sure to be a page turner, with its unexpected twists and turns, the tears, the tribulations and the triumphs...it's all here! This is inevitably a story about the changing of one's heart and another's mind, newfound laughter and a bond as old as time. ..".I threw in every flag I could, each one shouting "I like you!..". Nothing! Then to make matters worse, he became the occasional, habitual flirt. Recap: girl meets boy, girl likes boy, boy insane, turns girl down, girl moves in, still likes boy, boy still crazy, sometimes flirts, girl confused..." Enjoy the read! www.freedomink365.com
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