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Learning Her Lesson - a collection of five erotic spanking stories ePub

A collection of five erotic stories with mixed spanking themes.

Learning her Lesson by Chloe Devlin

Lodging under Mr Jenkins’ roof means abiding by certain rules. When Debbie stays out late at a party, only to be caught trying to sneak back into the house, she knows she’s broken two of those rules. And Mr Jenkins is determined to make sure she learns the importance of obedience, as well as initiating her into the pleasure only an experienced disciplinarian can give.

Sole Indiscretion by Elizabeth Coldwell

If there’s one thing Professor Dobinson hates, it’s flip-flops. Forbidden from wearing them in his presence, Louise does her best to follow his rule, until the night she stays over with her boyfriend and doesn’t have time to change before work. That’s when she discovers there’s more than one use for her flimsy, unsuitable footwear...

Merrilee Swings by Eleanor Powell

Merrilee wishes to expand her circle of spanking friends, and a swinging website seems the best way to do it. Then her friends, Bob and Sue, come round for dinner, only to catch her with her pants down – literally – and soon her wish is coming true much faster than she could have ever hoped.

Imagine by Beverly Langland

Beautiful, submissive recording artist Suzie promised her boyfriend she’d do anything he wanted to celebrate his birthday. Her shameless behaviour in an expensive restaurant was all the excuse he needed to give her a thorough spanking. At the urging of her sound engineer, Gina, she describes the encounter in deliciously explicit detail, revealing to Gina the true delights of aural sex.

Him by Cyanne

He turns her on more than anyone ever has, but the fact he’s married means they can only meet for secret, infrequent assignations. For him, she plays the Gothic vamp, wild and wanton, the woman his wife will never be. And in their seedy hotel room, she submits to his every desire, letting him bare her bottom so he can stripe his belt across it...

These stories have also been published in Naughty Spanking Three ISBN 9781906373702
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