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When Sheep Cannot Sleep ePub

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For me the book is a metaphor of human life. The little sheep cannot fall asleep, which means that it is not time for her to die yet,because she is young. She sets off for a trip where she has adventures (she gains life experience meeting various animals). She faces some difficulties when she wants to pick an apple but it's too high, which is a metaphor of people having problems and various challenges to take up in life. Finally people can take the ladder, which shows that there is always a solution to problems. Later on, flashing lights symbolize hard moments in life when people suffer and they don't know what to do. But there is always some shelter to hide in, so the sheep finds a house with many doors, which symbolize many opportunities and possibilities to choose from in human life. Finally, the sheep finds peace, safety and stability, eating supper and having a bath, which symbolizes the very mature period of human life when stability is achieved. Later on the sheep falls asleep, and humans die, because they are old and their time has come.
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